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Meet Hallie Green, Author, JACQUETTA

Hallie is a Christian teen author who wrote her first published book, Jacquetta, at thirteen years of age. She wrote her first unpublished fiction at just seven-years-old, and has been practicing her inventive writing ever since. Hallie continues to keep herself busy with her creative writing and work. She is a student who lives with her family in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Hallie has a blog, I AM A WRITER, on Medium and you can follow her by going to https://medium.com/@IAMAWRITER


Jacquetta Riviere, a redheaded supplanter, has been looking for something for as long as she could remember. But what is that something? She doesn’t know. She thought that drugs would numb the empty place in her heart, but they didn’t. Instead, they have ruined her life completely. The worst part is that she can’t quit—at least, not on her own.

One day, a friend shows Jacquetta how horrible her life has become and introduces her to a place that she thinks is an absolute circus—a Christian church. Yet surprisingly, the first service she attends isn’t as much of a circus as she thought it would be. She attends more and more services, because something about the messages hit a little too close to home. There, she is told that the answer to what she is looking for has been Jesus all along. But is Jacquetta willing to give up the comfort and obscurity of darkness for the proclaimed light of the world, Jesus Christ? Tag along with Jacquetta as she struggles to find her purpose and develops a character of strength and perseverance.

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